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Our Experience


Oceanex Inc.

M/V Sanderling

  • Designed and fabricated an 87 Point Engine Alarm system

Algoma Tankers Limited

M/V Algoscotia

  • Hi Level Alarms
  • Watermist Systems
  • Cables for Cell
  • Hiab Crane Installation
  • Troubleshoot fire alarm system

Halifax Shipyard

Nova and Scotia Docks

  • Install Frequency Drives for dry docks

M/V SCAN Stigandi:

  • Design, fabricate and install new compressor switchboard and new emergency switchboard for integration with the main board
  • Electrical upgrades and re-configuration of multiple systems t
    Lloyd’s standards
  • Design & fabricate nine load panels
  • Supply 800 amp breakers for the switchboards and generators

HAM Project

M/V Nanticoke, M/V Atlantic Erie, M/V Atlantic Huron

  • Design, fabricate and make modifications to unloading gear for the Gravity Base Structure for the Hibernia Platform

Marine Atlantic

M/V Leif Ericson

  • Install addressable heads for Fire Alarm System

M/V Joseph & Clara Smallwood

  • Test circuit breakers

M/V Atlantic Freighter

  • Install Water Ingress Alarm System

Fundy Gypsum Company (FGC)

Tugboat Spanish Mist

  • Trace 24 V circuits
  • Repair Defects
  • Supply new panel

Halifax Grain Elevator Ltd.

  • Maintenance Contract
  • Install Fire Suppression System
  • Install new lights in Marine Leg

Secunda Marine Services

M/V Sable Sea

  • Alarm System modifications

M/V Ryan Leet

  • DP Installation

M/V Emerald Sea

  • Assist and install DP System

All Secunda Vessels

  • Multiple large and small jobs

CTS (Container & Trailer Services Ltd)

PSS Chemul

  • Outfit Smoke Room Container
  • Outfit Flight Control Equipment Room

Luc-Mar Engineering

C/S Agile

  • Living Quarters Engineering in Dubai

M/V Thebaud Sea

  • Living Quarters Engineering in Dubai

CS Agile

  • Switchboard modifications and fabrications

M/V Emerald Sea

  • Switchboard modifications and fabrications

M/V Panuke Sea

  • Designed & Fabricated
    • Main & Emergency Switchboard
    • Main Engine Alarms
    • Multiple starters
  • Wheelhouse Extension – Cable Rerouting
  • Move Smoke stacks – Cable Rerouting

M/V Burin and the M/V Trinity

  • New build from Hull to highest Mast
  • Designed, Fabricated, and installed Main and Emergency Switchboards
  • New Distribution Panels – 120/220/ 24V / 440V
  • All Electrical Systems designed by LucMar and installed by Spar Marine

M/V Ocean Tern, M/V Jim Kilabuk, M/V Alex Gordon

  • Electrical Repairs for Compliance with TP127E


Canadian Navy Experience

HMCS Windsor

  • Removals
  • System upgrades
  • Repairs

HMCS Montreal

  • Maritime Helicopter Project

HMCS Fredericton

  • Cover & Protect Marine Systems & Combat and Weapons Systems for refit
  • GPS, Shincam AN/SSC
  • Replace Meteorological System Data Distribution
  • Removal of Sonabouy Processor and Install Sony SIR1000
  • Modem Installation

HMCS St. Johns

  • ShipLan (Ship Local Area Network) Installation

HMCS Preserver

  • Hiab Crane Installation

HMCS Toronto

  • Message Handling System

HMCS Ville De Quebec

  • Preserve & Protect Combat System

HMCS Iroquois

  • HSDC and ShipLan

HMCS Charlottetown

  • HSDC and ShipLan
  • Nera B
  • Dumping Lights / Red Lights

All Halifax Class Frigates

  • Gallery Karbaloy System Installations
  • Bus Sniffer Support
  • GPS Update Systems
  • HSDC, LAN, Modem
  • GP air intake
  • AHWCS on all Frigates except HMCS Halifax
  • HMCS Halifax
    • Deficiencies

Various Halifax Class Frigates

  • CSS Survivability
  • Cantass Winch
  • Drain Cables
  • RAS Docking


HMCS Halifax


All Kingston Class Marine Coastal Defence Vessels ( MCDV’s)

  • UPS Seamless Modifications completed

Preventative Maintenance Contract

Joint Ventures

CS Agile

  • Fabricate Dive Lights
  • Upgrade systems
  • Supply Panasonic Expansion Module
  • Living Quarters Engineering
  • Electrical Project Management
  • Supply Grove Crane

M/V Bold Endurance

  • Upgrade systems
  • Living Quarters Engineering
  • Electrical Project Management

M/V Emerald Sea

  • Fabricate Dive Lights
  • Electrical survey
  • Supply Notifier Alarm System
  • Modify switchboard to accommodate upgrade to service
  • Moonpool cabling
  • Living Quarters Engineering
  • Accommodation Units

M/V Thebaud Sea

  • Electrical upgrade
  • Living Quarters Engineering

These jobs were joint ventures between Spar Marine Ltd. and Luc-Mar Marine Services.

Jaymar Diesel Ltd.

Canadian Navy – All Frigates – Pielstick Engine Reps

  • Install PLC’s retrofit on Engines

HCMS Ottawa – Pielstick Engine Removal

  • All Engine Alarms disconnected, removed, replaced, and reconnected

Lockheed Martin

  • BUSS Sniffer Installation on all Halifax Class Frigates

Don Brenton

  • Gallery Karbaloy Systems on all Halifax Class Frigates

Fire Damage Repair:

  • M/V Imperial Acadia
  • M/V Repap Enterprise
  • M/V Thebaud Sea
  • Kent Transport
  • M/V Joseph & Clara Smallwood

Water, Storm Damage Repairs:

  • M/V Nanticoke
  • M/V Keewatin
  • M/V Gabarus
  • M/V Venture Sea