Switch Panels & Motor Control Equipment

Spar Marine Limited designs and builds switchboards and control panels, providing complete electrical engineering designs and custom solutions for each application.

Every Spar Marine Ltd. panel is built to rigorous standards, is fully inspected and tested to ensure customer satisfaction.

Design Features:

  • Custom Engineering Design – Spar Marine Limited adapts to each client’s application with custom designs and innovative problem solving.
  • Our designs are thorough and precise, using computer-assisted design and drafting software.
  • Craftsmanship – Switchboards and panels are skillfully constructed by highly qualified and competent staff
  • User-friendly Layouts – Operation is simplified with logical arrangements and clearly marked components and wiring.

An example of Spar Marine’s work on a major shipboard conversion is shown below.
Design Features include:

  • Simple integration from Emergency Switchboard to Main Switchboard
  • 440 volt distribution center
  • 220 volt distribution center
  • 120 volt distribution center

Our attention to detail and quality can be seen in the wheelhouse controls for the navigation and main propulsion systems shown below.